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User certificate

Apply for a certificate

All employees of Wismar UAS can apply for a personal certificate. The certificate is issued by DFN-Verein.

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Digital signature

Increasingly, administrative processes at Wismar University of Applied Sciences are to be made paper-free. Verifications of purely digital documents are carried out with the help of a digital signature. You can find out how this is done with the help of the personal user certificate here.

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Email signature and encryption

With a personal user certificate ,emails can be digitally signed and encrypted. The prerequisite for this is the import of the certificate in the user's email client application.

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Login and password

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it automatically in our user management system.

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Wifi and networks

Wifi across the campus

Once you have your login data, you get access to the eduroam network from all across the University campus. Eduroam provides you with fast and secure internet access through a worldwide coalition of educational and scientific institutes. Once installed, you can also access the internet at other Universities - even internationally.

Internet at the dormitories

The internet access at the dormitories is provided and supported by Studentenwerk Rostock and is only intended for education purposes.

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Email and Calendar

Emailsystem of the university

All students and employees will get a university e-mail address. This secure e-mail service is used for internal university correspondence.

Redirect your university emails to your private emailaccount

Every student automatically receives an email address of the University with his or her computer center login (format:

The e-mail address is used for all university-related (e.g. examinations, dates etc.).

To make sure you don't miss any information, you can redirect all emails to your private email address.

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Automatic absence message (vacation)

If you are not available, you can set up an automatic absence message.

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Recommended email software

With which e-mail software can I edit my e-mails offline (e.g. on the road) and use other groupware functions (calendar sharing, appointment invitations, etc.)? Here you will find instructions for configuring MS Outlook, Thunderbird, emClient, Android and iOS.

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Working on the go

VPN Faculty of Engineering

You can use the VPN access of the Faculty of Engineering to access the following services from outside the university network. For example, from home, on the road or from the WLAN of the university, as the WLAN is also considered an external network.

  •     Access to your home drive (drive U:)
  •     Access to faculty internal resources (e.g. file shares, servers)
  •     Use of the university library catalogues

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VPN from the dorms

Students who are living in the residential homes (Bürgermeister-Hauptstr. and Friedrich-Wolf-Str) are authorized for internet access through the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client. That's why you can not connect a second vpn tunnel with our Fortinet Client at the same time, because technical two parallel vpn tunnels are not viable.


Virtual Computers (Presence Studies)

Virtual computers are Windows 10 desktops that you can use from anywhere, 24/7.

Your advantages:

  • Access to desktops within the faculty from anywhere (pool computers, own workstations)
  • the desktops are already equipped with the usual software used in your area (BIW, EUI, MVU, SF)
  • the desktops are maintained by FIW-IT (e.g. current Windows updates)
  • Access to all internal resources (e.g. file shares)
  • no VPN connection necessary
  • automatic data backup and hourly snapshots when using the faculty's internal resources
  • Your data does not leave the data center

How can I use the virtual machines?

Virtual Computers (Wings Distance Learning)

The Wings provides the distance students of the courses of study

  • Bachelor IT Forensics
  • Master IT Security and Forensics
  • Master Information Technology and Management

virtual computers via the VMWare Horizon platform. This gives you access to Windows 10 desktops that are already equipped with the licensed software you need for your studies from anywhere.

How can I use the virtual machines?

Citrix Portal Neptun

With the Citrix-Portal-Neptun, the Wismar Business School offers you access to the relevant applications and desktops for teaching and working. Access to the applications or desktops is via a browser, it is independent of the operating system and no client installation is required.
You work from anywhere as if you were on campus.

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VPN Business School

With the VPN access of the Wismar Business School you have the possibility to access the IT services of the Faculty and the University of Wismar via a secure connection. A browser-based (WebVPN) and a client-based (FortiClient) VPN access is available for this purpose.

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Use the Citrix-Portal-Neptun (Citrix Store) for searches (Statista, Juris, BeckOnline etc.), applications or desktops via browser, independent of operating system and device. You work from anywhere as if you were on campus.

Software and licensing


The Citavi software is available to students and staff as a literature management and research program.

When writing scientific texts, such as papers, theses, books, etc., use the free campus license of the university.

General information about the software can be found on the Citavi homepage:

After successful registration the software can be downloaded here:

Note: Citavi has since been sold to the US company QSR International. The use of the software is voluntary and is your own responsibility. The university accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the data protection compliant handling of data by the company QSR International.

DATEV Students online

"DATEV Students online" is available free of charge to all students and university teachers at You can register for the service independently via the website.

Microsoft Imagine Premium

With Microsoft Imagine Premium you can get the following software free of charge for educational purposes:

  • Windows 10 EDU
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Access
  • Project
  • Visio
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Mathematics

How can I use Imagine?

Microsoft Office

Office for students

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available for students of the University of Wismar via a campus contract for an administration fee of 4.99 € / year. Office can be installed on up to 5 devices.

Installation instructions

Office for employees

Microsoft Office is currently available to employees of the university via the university's campus contract at no additional cost

Installation instructions in the internal IT info »

Mathworks Matlab

Matlab Floating licenses are available for students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering.

More Information

Software civil engineering


Software electrical engineering and informatics


Software Mechanical Engineering / Process and Environmental Engineering
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Mechanical
  • 3ds Max
  • Showcase
  • Mudbox
  • PTC
  • ProEng
  • Creo (available via virtual desktops)
  • Mathcad
  • Prime
  • LabVIEW (available via virtual desktops)
  • MDesign
  • ChemCAD
  • BioProcess Trainer
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • AVL Cruise (available via virtual desktops)

Contact for this software is Mostafa Maslama


Software Business School

In addition to the standard software, the following software is available. Use the Citrix-Portal-Neptun  (Citrix-Store) or our computerpools to use the software.

  • Innovator
  • Ludus
  • Knime
  • Oracle
  • Perbit.Insight
  • PTV Route Optimiser
  • Prolog
  • SAP
  • SPSS
Software Design
  • Dassault Solidworks
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Alias
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Google Sketchup
  • Hasselblad Phocus
  • LaserSoft SilverFast
  • Adobe CC Suite
  • Flinto
  • Dial Dialux
  • Relux Desktop


Stud.IP (manage courses)

The most important platform in everyday student life serves to organise and design courses. It enables and standardises online communication between lecturers and students at our university. For example, events, dates and changes are announced here, as well as scripts, exercises and trial exams. In addition, the platform covers large parts of internal communication – for example via wikis, forums and news as well as through additional offers such as bulletin boards and carpooling.

LSF (Exam registration, Overview of Grades, Study- and matriculation certificates)

You can use the following services via the LSF (Lehre-Studium-Forschung) portal:

  •     Exam registration
  •     Overview of grades / certificate of achievement
  •     Study and matriculation certificates
  •     Editing contact data
  •     Employees: Planning of events and rooms
  •     Employees: Input of examination performances
ILIAS (E-Learning)

ILIAS is used by the university as an e-learning platform. Teachers can store individual learning modules as well as complete lecture contents here. Integrated tools such as self-tests also create added value.

WINGS E-Learning platform

The WINGS E-Learning platform supports distance learning students in many ways during their studies. Current information about your program, the individual curricula, all semester documents, teaching videos, recordings of online seminars, dates, grades and much more information is made available via this platform. Please contact your course coordinator to inform you about the special features of your degree programme.


 HISinOne is a technically and functionally integrated, web-based university management system. It presents the processes and structures of a university in an integrated way and thus supports all parties involved in their activities.

More Information

Video Conferencing Systems

Virtual classrooms (BigBlueButton)

BigBlueButton is an OpenSource software and is licensed under a LGPL license.

Virtual classrooms using BigBlueButton have a rich feature set, such as desktop sharing and presentation of files (e.g. Microsoft Office documents, Open Office documents, PDF documents), markers or notes directly in the document (e.g. pointer, zoom function and marker function), chat with all participants and private chats, recordings etc.

Access to the application is via your course in StudIP with the "Meetings" module activated.

Further information

Team collaboration (Microsoft Teams)

Microsoft Teams is a component of the Office365 Education Program and is therefore available to the university free of charge. With Teams we have a professional collaboration software for teaching, in which we can hold online lectures or meetings with up to 250 participants per meeting in the first step.

Further information

Video conference (DFNconf)

The University of Wismar provides a central video conferencing and streaming service for all of its members. It offers the possibility to communicate via audio and video independent of location and without the installation of any software. Up to 23 people can currently use this service to meet online in a video conference via an encrypted, stable connection. External guests without a university account can easily be invited.

Further information

Telephone system

Information and instructions on the telephone system at Wismar University of Applied Sciences can be found on our internal IT information pages.

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Storage and Backup


Wismar University provides storage space for all students (5 GB) and staff (10 GB), which you can automatically synchronise on your devices (PC, Android, iOS) and share with other people as required. The functionality is similar to a dropbox. However, your data is stored on the server of the university in Germany.

Personal Storage (FIW)

A drive for personal data (Windows drive U:) is available for employees and students of the FIW faculty. The drive has an initial capacity of 10 GB for employees and 2 GB for students. The storage space can be increased if required.

How can I use my personal storage?

Snapshots (FIW)

A snapshot freezes the data state at a certain point in time. This means that you can access your data at a certain point in time as the data looked at that point in time.

Snapshots are currently available for all "Personal Drives" and the FIW's central data shares.

Snapshots are also a good protection against the usual Crypto Trojans like "Locky" and Co.

How can I access my snapshots?

Internal storage for cooperation with employees and projects (FIW)

Storage space for special purposes (e.g. as common data storage for project groups etc.) is provided on request. It is possible to display the memory automatically for certain groups of people and access control can also be group-based.


Personal Storage (FWW)

After registering with their personal university account on a Windows computer, all students and employees of the Faculty of Economic Sciences automatically receive the drive H:.
You can also mount this Windows share on the Linux terminal server Rivera.

  •     The data is stored on our servers.
  •     The data can also be accessed from outside the university via Citrix portal Neptun or VPN.
  •     There is a daily data backup.

Service mail address

Service hours

Mon-Thu: 8:00 - 17:00
Fri: 8:00 - 14:00

Please note our recommended procedure in case of IT problems:

Troubleshooting and support »

ITSMC Terms of Use

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IT info internal

IT topics that only affect employees of Wismar UAS can be found in our internal IT info in the internal portal of Wismar UAS.

  • Telephone system of the university
  • Storage and data backup for the university administration
  • Software and licences for university employees

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