Snapshots (only FIW)

A snapshot system freezes the data state at a certain point in time. This means that you can access your data at a certain point in time in the same way as the data looked at that point in time.

Currently, hourly snapshots are generated from the personal drives (7:00 - 18:00). Also daily snapshots (0.00 o'clock) of the last 7 days and weekly snapshots (Sunday 0.00 o'clock) of the last 12 weeks.

This means that you always have access to your data of the last three months, even if they were accidentally deleted or changed.

Snapshots are also a good protection against the usual Crypto Trojans like "Locky" and Co.

How can I access my snapshots?

To access your snapshots, select a file or directory within your personal drive and right-click. Then click on "Properties" and then on the tab "Previous Versions". You can then select a time and use the "Open" button to access the data state at that time.

Only FIW