Storage and Backup


Wismar University provides storage space for all students (5 GB) and staff (10 GB), which you can automatically synchronise on your devices (PC, Android, iOS) and share with other people as required. The functionality is similar to a dropbox. However, your data is stored on the server of the university in Germany.

Personal Storage (FIW)

A drive for personal data (Windows drive U:) is available for employees and students of the FIW faculty. The drive has an initial capacity of 10 GB for employees and 2 GB for students. The storage space can be increased if required.

How can I use my personal storage?

Snapshots (FIW)

A snapshot freezes the data state at a certain point in time. This means that you can access your data at a certain point in time as the data looked at that point in time.

Snapshots are currently available for all "Personal Drives" and the FIW's central data shares.

Snapshots are also a good protection against the usual Crypto Trojans like "Locky" and Co.

How can I access my snapshots?

Internal storage for cooperation with employees and projects (FIW)

Storage space for special purposes (e.g. as common data storage for project groups etc.) is provided on request. It is possible to display the memory automatically for certain groups of people and access control can also be group-based.


Personal Storage (FWW)

After registering with their personal university account on a Windows computer, all students and employees of the Faculty of Economic Sciences automatically receive the drive H:.
You can also mount this Windows share on the Linux terminal server Rivera.

  •     The data is stored on our servers.
  •     The data can also be accessed from outside the university via Citrix portal Neptun or VPN.
  •     There is a daily data backup.

Storage space and data backup for administrative staff

Information and instructions on storage and data backup for employees in the university administration can be found on our internal IT-Info pages.

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