Affiliated Institutes

Our Affiliated Institutes act as a link between the university and practice. As independent institutions under external sponsorship, which work together with the university within the framework of a cooperation agreement, they maintain close contact with research in the faculties and participate in the training of young academics.

List of our Affiliated Institutes

  • CIM-Technologie-Zentrum Wismar e. V. (CIM e. V.) – (German only)
  • Institut für Angewandte Informatik im Bauwesen e. V. (IAIB) – (German only)
  • Institut für Gebäude-, Energie und Lichtplanung (IGEL) – Portfolio IGEL (German only)
  • Institut für Pharmakoökonomie und Arzneimittellogistik – (German only)
  • Institut für Polymer- und Produktionstechnologien e. V. (IPT) – (German only)
  • Institut für Recht, Wirtschaft und Handel im Ostseeraum e. V. – (German and Russian only)
  • Produktionstechnologie-Institut WAVE gGmbH – (German only)
  • Schiffahrtsinstitut Warnemünde e. V. – (German only)