Tutor and staff exchanges

We have compiled the following pages in order to assist you in the preparation and implementation of your stay in Wismar. Here you will find out more about life, teaching and working at the University of Wismar.

You will obtain information regarding your application, things to take into consideration before and during your journey to Wismar, and the accommodation possibilities available to you.

City and region

Germany's western Baltic Sea coast has a great deal to offer:


Should you be interested in taking part in a tutor or staff exchange programme with our University, please contact the International Office at your institute of higher education first in order to determine whether there is a cooperation agreement. If this is the case, your institute of higher education will provide you with detailed information on the further procedure.

Should you have any specific questions concerning the exchange programme at our University, please feel free to contact the Head of the International Office, Ms Korinna Stubbe. 


Please note that you are required to complete certain formalities before coming to Wismar, and that you will need the relevant documents and papers.

We have compiled a list of the documents you should bring with you from your home country.


You are advised to apply for the visa as early as possible at the German Embassy or the German Consulate in your home country. You will be issued a visa for a maximum period of residence of 3 months; the visa may be extended after you have entered Germany.

Important documents to be submitted:

  • The letter of invitation
  • Proof of funding for your stay in Germany
  • Additional, specific documents that may be required by the embassy

Entry without a visa
Citizens of the following states do not require a visa to enter Germany: EU, EEA, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and South Korea.

If you stay in Germany for more than three months, you will need, as an EU citizen, to apply for a Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung (a document which officially confirms your status as an EU citizen) at the Ausländerbehörde (Aliens' Registration Office) in Wismar. EEA citizens, and citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and South Korea are required to apply for a residence permit at the Aliens' Registration Office.

Entry with a visa
Since it can take between six and twelve weeks for a visa to be issued, please ensure that you apply for the document at a German embassy or consulate within the prescribed time-limit. If you wish to stay in Germany for longer than three months, you should apply for the appropriate residence permit at the Aliens' Registration Office after your arrival. In order to obtain permission to visit another country in the EU (e.g. for the purpose of attending a conference), you will need to apply for a further visa at the relevant diplomatic mission abroad.

Please consult the Internet presentation of the German diplomatic mission abroad for information on the provisions for visa application and the corresponding documents.


Depending on your special wishes and requirements, you have the possibility to rent a flat or a furnished room, to stay at a hotel or to live in halls of residence. Due to strong demand, we would advise you to look for accommodation in good time.

Should you encounter any difficulties in looking for accommodation, please contact us in good time so that we can assist you in this matter.

Health Insurance

Every citizen in Germany is required to have health insurance cover. Please contact your health insurance company to enquire whether they will cover the costs if you need to see a doctor or stay in hospital in Germany. Your health insurance company must then provide written confirmation that you have insurance cover in Germany. This will be checked by the Aliens' Registration Office in Wismar. Should the cover be inadequate, you will need to take out additional health insurance here.

Further important identification papers
  • Valid passport or equivalent piece of identification
  • Passport photograph
  • A letter of invitation to teach or work at our University
  • Copies of the university degree, if applicable the PhD certificate
  • Proof of funding


Postal Address

Hochschule Wismar
International Office
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