Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Honesty on the part of academics is a basic prerequisite for scientific work. To this end, Wismar University of Applied Sciences has rules of procedure on principles of good scientific practice which, on the one hand, establish criteria for good scientific practice and, on the other hand, rules of procedure for cases of scientific misconduct by members of Wismar University of Applied Sciences. It is intended to contribute to the promotion of the quality of academic work.

In accordance with these rules of procedure, the Senate elects an ombudsperson who acts as a confidant both for those who have become aware of academic misconduct and for those who feel they are exposed to the suspicion of such misconduct. The ombudsperson or his or her deputy shall be available to members of Wismar University of Applied Sciences personally and confidentially within a short period of time. 

Furthermore, the rules of procedure provide for a standing commission to investigate allegations of academic misconduct. Their members are also available as contact persons and, in turn, inform the ombudsperson. 

Members of the Standing Commission


Alternate ombudsperson