Research and Innovation

Without doubt, the University of Wismar’s main task is to provide excellent quality teaching to over 8,500 direct or distance learning students. Outstanding teaching based on state-of-the-art research can, clearly, only be based on excellent research and other innovative activities.

At the University of Wismar, research is performed in the three faculties, at the onsite and associated institutions, in collaboration with the research company, as well as in the central institutions themselves.

Research focus areas of University of Wismar

Research Priority 1: Markets, trade and shipping traffic
For safe and efficient shipping traffic challenges exist in the era of globalization through Irade in global markets. Applications of marine safety navigation play a role in processes as weil as the socio-economic assessment in the knowledge based society.

Research Priority 2: Materials, technologies, procedures and processes
The use of materials and raw materials is studied interdisciplinary through modeling, simulation, and cloud computing. Technologies are enhanced by innovative combinations of materials at nanoscale, hybrid components and alternative energy storage devices and process features are generated.

Research Priority 3: Mobility, sustainability, objects and spaces
Globalization and climate protection will Iead to new demands on the mobility of people and goods. By applying the same principles of sustainability arise complete different buildings, objects and spaces. Pollution control, socio-cultural characteristics and Green Economy are in the focus.

Prorector for research