"A different language is a different vision of life."

(Federico Fellini)

The Language Centre is a centre of competence not only for teaching languages but also for contemporary didactics and intercultural competence. It plays a vital role in the university’s internationalisation process and allows students to complement their studies by learning a foreign language - a key skill in today’s professional world.   

We offer courses in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch. They are a mixture of ESP courses (English for Specific Purposes) and general language courses - for beginners, advanced or intensive speakers. Alongside the obligatory ESP courses, students can attend non-obligatory and extra-curricular courses. These are especially useful for those students who are planning a semester abroad, looking to take on an international work assignment or for those who are simply interested in learning a foreign language for private purposes. 

You will find information about all of the courses by logging onto the platform STUD.IP, which is also where you can register for the individual courses.

Language courses in the summer semester 2022

Elective courses

English Communication Skills is an interdisciplinary course with a strong focus on communicative skills on CEFR level B2.1. Business English (B2.1) and International Business and Communication (C1.1), on the other hand, are courses that are geared towards the language and content needs of business students. TechTalk is explicitly tailored to students of the Faculty of Engineering in that technological topics are made the communicative subject with the help of texts, videos and podcasts. Students are also given the opportunity to delve into their very own areas of interest.

Extracurricular courses (optional, no CP)

To prepare for participation in English-language elective courses, the Language Centre offers a preparation service at CEFR level A2. And if you would like to try a new language, you can choose between French and Swedish courses at level A1 this semester. German (DaF) courses are available for our international students both in Wismar and Warnemünde.

Complete programme SoSe22

Overview of all courses this summer semester:



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Guest Studentship

Guest studentship is possible for interested parties from outside the university. Applications, for which a fee is required, are available at the Servicepoint. Participation is only possible, however, if the classes are not full.

For university colleagues, participating in languages courses is free of charge. Please contact the respective lecturer for availability.