Email and Calendar

Emailsystem of the university

All students and employees will get a university e-mail address. This secure e-mail service is used for internal university correspondence.

Redirect your university emails to your private emailaccount

Every student automatically receives an email address of the University with his or her computer center login (format:

The e-mail address is used for all university-related (e.g. examinations, dates etc.).

To make sure you don't miss any information, you can redirect all emails to your private email address.

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Automatic absence message (vacation)

If you are not available, you can set up an automatic absence message.

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Recommended email software

With which e-mail software can I edit my e-mails offline (e.g. on the road) and use other groupware functions (calendar sharing, appointment invitations, etc.)? Here you will find instructions for configuring MS Outlook, Thunderbird, emClient, Android and iOS.

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Personal email certificate

Every member of the university can apply for a personal email certificate which can be used to

  • encrypt (only the recipient can read the email) and
  • sign (the recipient can ensure that the email comes from the sender and has not been changed)


The university checks and guarantees the authenticity of the certificate.

How do i get my certificate?