The email system of the university

All students and staff automatically receive an e-mail address of the university with their central user ID in the following format:

  • Students:
  • Employees:

The e-mail address is used for university related correspondence (e.g. examinations, dates etc.). To make sure you don't miss any information, you can redirect all e-mails to your private e-mail address.

Creating your own individual signature

To create an email signature that is more than just text, you must first create an email template.

  1. Click on "Address Book".
  2. Click on "Administration" --> "Templates".
  3. Click on "Add Email Template".
  4. Assign a name for the signature
  5. Design your personal signature
  6. On the right you can use auto placeholders

To use the signature in an email:

  1. Click on "Email Template" in the upper right corner
  2. Select the appropriate signature
  3. This is inserted at the cursor position
Encrypt and sign emails
  1. Apply for a personal email certificate from the University of Wismar

2. import the certificate into your browser (here Firefox)

Note: The application and the import of a certificate must be done in the same browser.

3. click on the link in the email of the CA HS Wismar
4. click on "Import certificate

5. if the certificate was successfully imported into the browser, it will be exported as a pkcs12 certificate in the next step
6. click in your browser (here Firefox) on "Tools" --> "Preferences
7. enter "Certificate" in the search field
8. click on "show certificates"
9. click on the "Your certificates" tab
10. select the certificate and click on "Save".
11. save the certificate in pkcs12 format

  1. Now import the pkcs12 certificate into myoffice
  2. Click on "Email" --> "Administration" --> "Email Accounts"
  3. Double click on your email account
  4. Click on the "SMIME" tab
  5. Enter your myoffice password
  6. Upload the pkcs12 file

To encrypt and/or sign an email, please click on "Additional options" and set the respective check marks

NOTE: You can only encrypt an email to recipients who already have a public key. You get the key by the recipient sending you an email signed by him.