Working on the go

VPN Faculty of Engineering

You can use the VPN access of the Faculty of Engineering to access the following services from outside the university network. For example, from home, on the road or from the WLAN of the university, as the WLAN is also considered an external network.

  •     Access to your home drive (drive U:)
  •     Access to faculty internal resources (e.g. file shares, servers)
  •     Use of the university library catalogues

More Instructions

VPN from the dorms

Students who are living in the residential homes (Bürgermeister-Hauptstr. and Friedrich-Wolf-Str) are authorized for internet access through the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client. That's why you can not connect a second vpn tunnel with our Fortinet Client at the same time, because technical two parallel vpn tunnels are not viable.


Virtual Computers (Presence Studies)

Virtual computers are Windows 10 desktops that you can use from anywhere, 24/7.

Your advantages:

  • Access to desktops within the faculty from anywhere (pool computers, own workstations)
  • the desktops are already equipped with the usual software used in your area (BIW, EUI, MVU, SF)
  • the desktops are maintained by FIW-IT (e.g. current Windows updates)
  • Access to all internal resources (e.g. file shares)
  • no VPN connection necessary
  • automatic data backup and hourly snapshots when using the faculty's internal resources
  • Your data does not leave the data center

How can I use the virtual machines?

Virtual Computers (Wings Distance Learning)

The Wings provides the distance students of the courses of study

  • Bachelor IT Forensics
  • Master IT Security and Forensics
  • Master Information Technology and Management

virtual computers via the VMWare Horizon platform. This gives you access to Windows 10 desktops that are already equipped with the licensed software you need for your studies from anywhere.

How can I use the virtual machines?

Citrix Portal Neptun

With the Citrix-Portal-Neptun, the Wismar Business School offers you access to the relevant applications and desktops for teaching and working. Access to the applications or desktops is via a browser, it is independent of the operating system and no client installation is required.
You work from anywhere as if you were on campus.

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VPN Business School

With the VPN access of the Wismar Business School you have the possibility to access the IT services of the Faculty and the University of Wismar via a secure connection. A browser-based (WebVPN) and a client-based (FortiClient) VPN access is available for this purpose.

To the instructions

Use the Citrix-Portal-Neptun (Citrix Store) for searches (Statista, Juris, BeckOnline etc.), applications or desktops via browser, independent of operating system and device. You work from anywhere as if you were on campus.