VPN from the residential homes

Students who are living in the residential homes (Bürgermeister-Hauptstr. and Friedrich-Wolf-Str) are authorized for internet access through the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client. That's why you can not connect a second vpn tunnel with our Fortinet Client at the same time, because technical two parallel vpn tunnels are not viable.

As a solution to this problem, you can connect directly to our Fortigate VPN without using the Cisco Any Connect Client. That means, you can use either our Fortigate VPN to connect to the university infrastructure or you can connect with the Cisco Any Connect client to the internet.

Our Fortigate VPN is a split-tunnel configuration, which means that only the traffic to the university networks is routed through the tunnel. The remaining traffic goes directly to the internet. The purpose of the split-tunnel is to keep our networks clean of high traffic loads (e.g. YouTube videos, streaming, file sharing etc.)

Therefore your regular internet traffic will not flow, if you are connected to our Fortigate VPN while being in the residential home. If you do not like this limitation please notify the company VARNObit.

Contact Cisco VPN

Herr Wenzl
Tel: 0381-2527815
Email: wenzl@varnobit.de
Web: www.varnobit.de