Telephone system

Wismar University of Applied Sciences uses a cloud based Voice-over-IP telephone system. Each employee receives his own four-digit extension (753-XXXX) and his own telephone.

Note: When dialling a telephone number outside the university, an additional zero must be prefixed.


How do I get a phone number and a phone?

How do I get a phone number and a phone?

New employees

If you are a new employee, you will find an application for a new telephone line in PDF format in the internal area of the website. Simply print it out, fill it in and send it to ITSMZ by in-house mail. We will then make a telephone available, set it up with a new number and send it to you or make it available for collection.

Successors and representatives

If you are the successor of a previous employee or represent them and take over the telephone, all you have to do is fill in a change request and send it to ITSMZ by in-house mail. The telephone of the current employee will then be assigned either the old number or a new number and adapted to you. This can be done remotely by us.


Both form sheets can be found here (login with your university account required).

Service mail address

Service hours

Mon-Thu: 8:00 - 17:00
Fri: 8:00 - 14:00

Please note our recommended procedure in case of IT problems:

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The desk telephone used at the University of Wismar is the type D785 from SNOM. The DECT telephone SNOM M70 is used for employees who need to be mobile on campus.