User certificate

Digital certificates

A digital certificate is a digital data record that proves the authenticity and integrity of a person, an organisation or a computer based on cryptographic procedures. This results in various fields of application for the protection of confidential and sensitive data. For example, the use of a digital signature makes it possible to precisely trace the sender of a piece of information and its integrity.

Wismar UAS uses the public key infrastructure of the DFN-Verein to issue corresponding certificates for its employees.

Apply for a certificate

All employees of Wismar UAS can apply for a personal certificate. The certificate is issued by DFN-Verein.

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Digital signature

Increasingly, administrative processes at Wismar University of Applied Sciences are to be made paper-free. Verifications of purely digital documents are carried out with the help of a digital signature. You can find out how this is done with the help of the personal user certificate here.

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Email signature and encryption

With a personal user certificate ,emails can be digitally signed and encrypted. The prerequisite for this is the import of the certificate in the user's email client application.

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