Wichtige Neuigkeiten
Das International Office kann ab 29.11.2021 nur noch mit Terminvereinbarungen besucht werden. Anfragen zu Terminen sind ausschließlich an das Postfach
zu senden.

Vom 22.12 bis 31.12.2021 bleibt das Dezernat für studentische und akademische Angelegenheiten geschlossen (Servicepoint)

Important News

As of Monday, 29th November 20211, the International Office can only be visited by appointment. Requests for appointments should be sent exclusively to:

Please have in mind that Servicepoint is closed from 22nd - 31st December.

Thank you.

Dear students,

if you are admitted student please contact the international office for an online enrollment--> international.office@hs-wismar.de

We will inform you about your individual situation regarding the pandemic situation.

Please keep the International Office updated about your visa procedure. After your visa will be issued, please forward a complete travel schedule. We will inform you about all requirements (PCR test or other documents) for entering Germany and the possibility to avoid the quarantine.

Please be aware of the international health instructions!

Thank you!