Personal email certificate

Every member of the university can apply for a personal email certificate which can be used to

  • encrypt (only the recipient can read the email) and
  • sign (the recipient can ensure that the email comes from the sender and has not been changed)


The university checks and guarantees the authenticity of the certificate.

Apply for a certificate

  1. Open the website of the HS Wismar CA
  2. Click on "User certificate".
  3. Fill in the form

  • E-mail (use university e-mail addresses only)
  • Name (first and last name)
  • Department (Selection of Faculty/Department)
  • PIN (at least 8 characters long)

Note: Umlauts are not accepted. They must be replaced by the respective letter combination (e.g. ö=oe or Ö=Oe). Furthermore, titles (e.g. Dr.) are generally included in the Name attribute field (example: Max Musterfrau, Dr.).

  1. After confirmation you will receive a PDF document with the certificate request
  2. This certificate application must be printed out and signed
  3. The certificate application is approved after personal presentation of an identity card or passport at the ITSMZ.
  4. The certificate will then be sent by email

Import of the certificate

Note: The application and the import of a certificate must be done in the same browser.

After receiving an e-mail from with your certificate as an attachment, click on the link of the e-mail to import the certificate into your browser.

If the certificate was successfully imported into the browser, it is exported as pkcs12 certificate in the next step.

To do this, go to the following window in your browser (Firefox):
Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Certificates -> Show certificates

Mark the certificate and save your personal certificate as pkcs12.

Certificate Authority of the University of Wismar