EU video message

What do young people think about the EU? What do they want? What bothers them? Answers to these questions can be found in a video message produced by pupils from MV with the support of the E-Learning Centre.

The video is a response to a media message from 2010, which the then President of the Commission sent to the KinderUni in Wismar. The focus of the current production was the authenticity of the film: the message should reflect the opinion of the protagonists. During the two project meetings, the young people were therefore given the necessary media knowledge. After the content conception, the video sequences were recorded in the in-house production studio. This gave the young people their first experience in a professional studio setting.

Editing and post-production were covered by the E-Learning Centre. The project was managed by the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalisation MV, which therefor cooperated with the Ministry of the Interior and Europe.

The video message is currently being transmitted to the European Commission in Brussels. (Originally, a delivery by bicycle with a tour start to the KinderUni was planned. Due to the Corona crisis, the tour will be postponed until next year).