eTutors programme

A compact online course enables student tutors to support their lecturers in choosing and creating suitable digital formats for teaching.

Step by step, the course imparts basic knowledge about learning platforms, media didactics and content creation. Learning modules divide the content into easily manageable learning units. In this way the basics of e-learning can be learned individually and according to personal preference. The idea behind it is to provide tools to implement project ideas independently.

The course is offered as a rolling release on the learning platform ILIAS. This means that the learning modules are regularly extended and improved. This way feedback on the first module can directly flow into the realisation of the following modules and versions. The aim is to offer the complete course as a mature product university-wide by the winter semester 2020/2021.

The pilot phase will start in January 2020. Tutors who are interested in participating can register for the eTutors programme in the area of digital continuing education on ILIAS. Teachers can also draw on experienced student assistants for e-learning projects within the framework of the eTutors programme. Please contact Christopher Könitz. The use of the offer is free of charge.