FAQs General issues

I’ve got a letter from “Beitragsservice von ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio”. What is this?

The letter is from public service broadcasting in Germany (ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio) and it’s about the licence fee. Everyone in Germany has to pay the licence fee. The licence fee is €17.50 per month and is only paid once per residence. So if you live in a flat share or in a flat in halls of residence with other students, you can share the fee with them. Only one person has to register and pay the fee.

If you receive BAföG,  you may be exempted from the licence fee upon application.

If you don’t pay the license fee, you’ll get a written warning. If you don’t pay the fee after this, it’s possible that your bank account will be frozen.

Click here for further information.


Is there a buddy program for international und german students at university of Wismar?

Yes, the buddy program is organized by AStA (students’ union executive committee). Visit “AStA Hochschule Wismar” on Facebook and tell them you want to be a buddy or write an e-mail to integration.asta@hs-wismar.de.


I want to practice German or another language. Where can I do that?

In “Sprachcafé” every student can practice foreign languages. You can talk to German students and help them to speak your mother tongue better.

Join “Sprachcafe (HS Wismar)” on Facebook and get to know when the next event starts.

Where do I find news and events of the university?

On the website you find news and events in German. All information which is important for English students will be provided on Internationales.

Find your faculty news and events here:

Where do I find the menu of the canteen?

You find the menu here. Unfortunately it’s only available in German.