Tips for new arrivals

Attend the introductory workshop.

There you'll get tips for study organization and orientation on the campus. Moreover you'll get to know your fellow students. Everyone is new at the university, so it's easy to get to know each other. At the beginning of studies you'll meet people who will be your friends for the time at the university and afterwards.

Pursue your hobby.

Do you like to sing or play ping-pong? Whatever you like to do in your leisure time, it's more fun with others. We will help you to find a society or club in Wismar.

Or try new sports.

University sports offers many kinds of sports like judo, sailing, yoga or zumba. Try whatever you like, university sports are free of cost for students.


Take part in discussions during courses. Say your opinion and share your ideas with others. You can work as a student assistant and help university teachers and employees. Or you  can take part in university politics as a member of student council or AStA (students’ union executive committee). 

Stay tuned.

In the lectures you’ll hear the subject matter for one semester. You have to know all these things in the exam. Therefore it’s important that you stay tuned. Attend every lecture and review your notes afterwards. If you like, you can write a summary or talk about the subject matter with your fellow students. Whatever helps you to learn. You can also create a study group with some fellow students.


International Office
Hochschule Wismar
Postfach 1210
D – 23952 Wismar
Fax: +49 3841 753-74 44

Seeking advice.

The university and student services counsel is there for you to help you and to guide you in every situation and problem that might occur during your student life. Consulting services are available on Campus.

Try the cafeteria.

The cafeteria on the campus is open from Monday to Friday. You can choose between different dishes (even vegetarian and vegan). There is also a salad bar. You can buy muffins, soft drinks and coffee. The cafeteria also offers a variety of food for breakfast. You can pay cash or cashless with your student card. At the Cafeteria entrance you can find automats where you can deposit money on your student card.