KickStart – Idea contest

Start-up funding to make innovative ideas come real
The "KickStart" idea contest took place every winter semester in the StartUpYard. Ideas that yet have not been considered feasible were brought up and presented to a jury. The winners were supported for six months with funding, coaching and professional expertise to turn the idea into a prototype or experimental model. The last funding period runs until 1 May 2024.

The winners 2023

Funding period 01.11.2023 – 30.04.2024

1st place

1st place: INTELLISAIL

Alireza Seifnouri's INTELLISAIL project aims to develop the next-generation fleet management tool as a niche solution. As an innovation, the software will integrate project management components.

2nd place

2nd place: Cheetah

The Cheetah team led by Marie Mangelsdorf and Paul Lehmbecker wants to create a super-fast yet normal-weight 3D printer with the best print quality using a combination of hardware and software solutions.

3rd place

3rd place: Wooden bike grips

Marcel Solterbeck develops wooden bicycle grips that are easy to fit and adapt to any handlebar size. They provide a comfortable grip, are made from renewable raw materials and give the bike a personalised touch.

4th place

4th place: ReCaf

Harika Lehmann proves that leather for everyday companions doesn't always have to come from animals. Her ReCaf project uses coffee grounds, which are often treated as waste.

5th place

5th place: Ton in Ton

The "Ton in Ton" project by Esther Mia Weisse combines room acoustics and room climate in a new design and materiality.

6th place

6th place: Kofix

The team led by Nic Hoffmann, Benedikt Henke, Mateja Bakovic and Clemens Paul Wellmer developed the idea of the mobile backpack kitchen "Kofix" and thus created a way to provide yourself with a wholesome meal on the go, spontaneously and independent of energy and location.

Winners 2022

Funding period 01.11.2022 – 30.04.2023

1st place

1st place: UVAST

A sustainable water filter that fits into a pocket making clean drinking water accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. This is the vision of Rebecca Miriam Zube and Paul Winter.

2nd place

2nd place: Moborm

Emma Hille has developed a lighting system for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor situations. Flexible, robust, mobile and modular, "moborm" literally outshines conventional luminaires.

3rd place

3rd place: Hydroponic System

Urban gardening has become indispensable on city balconies. Esther Mia Weisse is taking this trend a step further: her innovative hydroponic system saves extra space, is decorative and sustainable.

4th place

4th place: CAT

The content alert system "CAT" developed by Ruth Kasdorf, Iris Groneick, Lisa Müller, Lena Krohe and Prof. Dr. Christine Linke is intended to alert consumers of audiovisual media to "triggering" content such as (sexual) violence or death. This is an innovative tool that media professionals have lacked up to now.

5th place

5th place: Hygiene Dispenser

Sarina Drescher has the vision of barrier-, discrimination- and cost-free access to hygiene products. Gender pay gap and social injustice should no longer play a role.

6th place

6th place: Arthrosis Pen

People with asthrosis not only have problems writing, but also put a lot of time and discipline into therapeutic exercises. Lilly Wülfing wants to create a connection that is suitable for everyday use with a combination of writing instrument and hand/finger trainer.

Winners 2021

Funding period 01.11.2021 – 30.04.2022

1st place

1st place: Student Cooperation Aid

For almost two years, students have had little contact amongst each other. Niklas Huhs wants to use his app to bring students together so that they can support each other: Need help with maths? Niklas' database has the right people from higher semesters ready.

2nd place

2nd place: Foxtail Necklace

Jewellery should fit snugly when worn. Not so easy with materials like gold or platinum... Margot Reuter has found a way to shape for example necklaces according to a new principle so that you hardly notice them while wearing.

3rd place

3rd place: Unpacking Chute

Unpacked shops are in vogue. Jette Emuth, Nils Cohrt and Robin Grindemann want to durably revolutionise conventional devices for filling muesli or detergent, reduce the price significantly and simplify operation.

4th place

4th place: Easy-Care Shower Cab

As a carpenter Paul Wellmer has seen many building sites. His WaDuKa is designed to prevent mould growth and leaky joints in shower cubicles. No maintenance effort for silicone joints, no mould, no financial effort for self-repairs, long usage time.

5th place

5th place: Ironing Massage Chair

Tahere Borji Kamkar has designed a device that combines a massage chair and an ironing board. Getting a massage at the ironing board after the stressful housework now becomes real. A real space saver, especially in small flats, shared flats or hotel rooms.

6th place

6th place: Smart Mirror

Nii-Osu Lamptey and Kai Lohbauer want to create a SmartHome product that shows users information in a mirror. Smart Mirror can be individually adapted and also supports disabled persons.

The StartUpYard is funded under the registration number 13FH009SU8.