Internet at the dormitories

The internet access at the dormitories is provided and supported by Studentenwerk Rostock and is only intended for education purposes. You will need valid login credentials to authenticate within the network, which you can get at the IT-Centre. Additionally, you will need the Cisco AnyConnect Client software, which you can download once you connect a network cable to your computer.

Installation on Windows & MacOS

  1. Connect your computer to the network socket via a LAN cable.
  2. Download the appropriate VPN software for your operating system. You can find the download link by typing the following address into your browser:
  3. After successful installation of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software, enter into the Connect to field and proceed by clicking on Select.
  4. Finally, you need to enter your login credentials, which you obtain from the IT-Centre. Put in your Username and your corresponding Password and click on Connect.

Download the VPN software

(only accessible via the network at the dormitories)


Mr. Wenzl

Tel.: 0381-2527815

VPN doesn't work (only Faculty of Engineering)

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