Videoconferencing (DFNconf)

Due to the tense situation, we call for the economical use of video conferencing resources! Please only transmit video or desktop when you need it. In this way you will enable others to use the service as well.

This format is suitable for virtual conversations with up to 23 participants (e.g. learning groups) and also streaming in lecturer mode for several hundred recipients. During the videoconference it is also possible to communicate via chat. The streaming participants can also participate in a chat. Furthermore, the screen content can be transmitted. This format is suitable for participation with an internet browser, a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS), SIP, H.323, Skype for Business or even just for participation with a telephone (sound only), should there be no or poor internet access. For a web browser no further installation of software is required. For smartphone and tablet these apps are to be used.

Teachers have the possibility to record the video conference and make it available in Stud.IP via the streaming platform of the university.

The use of DFNconf is open to all lecturers and employees as well as external cooperation partners and only requires the installation of the Pexip client on the mobile devices (AndroidiOS).

For a connection test please visit the following website: