Step 1- contact your home university

The first thing you have to do is get the approval of your home university. As a rule, they decide if you can apply to us or not. Every university has deadlines for making applications like this. Find out what your home deadlines are, and remember we have deadlines too. Our deadlines are 15th January for the summer semester and 15th July for the winter semester. If your university agrees that you can come, they will give you their local forms to fill in and send copies of these to us in time for our deadlines.

All European students need to do this to get money from the ERASMUS student exchange programme. Other students may be able to use this agreement to get money from other sources.  In any case, approval from home means your courses here will count towards your degree. Remember that exchange programmes with us are only for students already registered at a university we recognise. If our university is on your university’s list of partners, this is easy. If not, your university can ask us if they can become a partner, or we must all agree that you can be a free mover.

You also have to do other things. Most importantly, the local forms are not enough. You also have to fill in our online application for admission and send a learning agreement (see Step 2 or follow the link online application and other documents  ) and send it before the deadline.  The same applies to getting a place in residence – see Step 2. If you want to choose courses in English before you arrive, see Step 3 and click the appropriate boxes on the online application. If you want to choose courses in German before you arrive, see the link.

Do not forget to apply for a visa. If you come from outside the EU, this can take several months.

Step 2: Application at the Hochschule Wismar

When our International Office gets the nomination of your home university, you can fill out our application form for exchange students.

Closing dates for applications:

  • 15th June for the winter term
  • 30th November for the summer term