Robert Schmidt Institute (RSI)

Those with the exciting projects.
The RSI has been bundling interdisciplinary programmes for students, graduates and employees of Wismar University of Applied Sciences since 2011. Therefore we have one foot in science and the other in business.

Our face on campus
Our interdisciplinary makerspace "StartUpYard" invites you to try things out, grow together and realise ideas.

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Who is Robert Schmidt?

Founder with great visions
Wismar University of Applied Sciences owes its entrepreneurial approach to teaching not least to the convictions of its founder Robert Schmidt (*2 March 1850, †28 July 1928). As an energetic school reformer, he was a risk-taking entrepreneur: innovative and creative. For him, the totality of technology and art, the linking of science, business and urban development as well as cultural and social responsibility were essential in education.
He followed his vision of a practice-orientated, interdisciplinary educational institution and founded the Wismar Engineering Academy in 1908. He invested his entire fortune, as well as that of his wife and sister-in-law, in the establishment and operation of the academy.