Closing date for applications

Please take into account the long processing times involved in applying for a visa. Therefore, it is advisable to submit your documents three months before the regular closing date for applications.

Studienkolleg - Foundation Courses

  • 30.06. of each year for the winter term
  • 30.11. of each year for the summer term

Only applicants currently residing in the Federal Republic of Germany and who are in possession of a valid visa entitling them to stay in Germany, can also be admitted after the above-mentioned closing dates for applications.

International Class

  • 15th June for the winter term
  • 30th November for the summer term

Bachelor's & Master's Degree Programmes

  • Closing date for applications, winter term: 15th July of each year
  • Closing date for applications, summer term: 15th January of each year
  • Closing date for applications for the degree course MA Architectural Lighting Design: 1st May of each year

For full-time students, initial enrolments are only possible prior to the winter term.
The course of study can be joined in a higher term prior to both the summer and winter terms.

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