Wolfgang Dörk says goodbye

Wolfgang Dörk accompanied the students to South Africa within the self-construction project "Joint Action Project".
Wolfgang Dörk 2017 in the workshop with a student.

Photo: Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences

Since April 1st, 2005, Wolfgang Dörk has been working as "Workshop Manager Model Making" at the Faculty of Architecture and Design in House 7c on the campus of Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences. Most of the students of the design courses have met him during their studies in the workshop, while setting up exhibitions or exhibition booths, during events or the obligatory soccer match for the annual exhibition DIA at the end of the summer semester. In recent years, Wolfgang Dörk enthusiastically supported the self-construction project "Joint Action Project" in South Africa.

Himself, he sums up his time here by saying, "My family always says you live the university." On Monday, February 28th, 2022, Wolfgang Dörk was bid farewell to retirement by the College.

We wish him all the best for the time that is now coming!
Thank you Wolfgang!

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