Electronic Maritime Collision Prevention: AGV-assisted Dynamic Risk Assessment and Hazard Detection

Source: Wismar University of Applied Sciences

The acronym MTCAS stands for "Maritime Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System" and illustrates the overall project goal, the development of a technical collision avoidance system for shipping.

The aim of the joint project is to develop, implement and test algorithms and procedures for risk assessment and hazard detection of ship encounter situations in open sea space and to improve on-board alarms and displays in a novel new collision prevention support system. The university's research and development work is particularly concerned with ways of implementing collision avoidance rules and taking into account the vessel's manoeuvring characteristics and current environmental conditions in fast-time simulation-based modules. The MTCAS system will include a decision support component for on-board and land-based collision prevention in shipping and warn of impending collisions with a "last line of defence" functionality linked to the achievement of the last option for action.

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