Conceptual Design of Land-Based Infrastructural Requirements for an NH3 Supply Structure

The energy transition is linked to the import of green energy such as green ammonia to meet the demand in Germany. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an economic, sustainable, and ecological logistics and infrastructure concept for the transport of green ammonia. This will take into account the amount of green ammonia produced, imports of green ammonia, transport modes, storage facilities and consumers. Sector-specific demand forecasts and developed climate scenarios are also taken into account to get an overview of the future infrastructure and supply of green ammonia.

In order to be able to use green ammonia as a transport and storage solution for green hydrogen, an efficient infrastructure and a logistics concept geared to the specific framework conditions are required. The aim of the "Logistics and Infrastructure" sub-project is therefore to develop an economic, sustainable, ecological logistics and infrastructure concept, to define and investigate associated future scenarios for the transport of green ammonia (NH3). In this context, the needs, for example from industry and transport, as well as the already existing and future required sea- and land-based transport facilities, storage, bunkering and transhipment structures will be analysed. In addition, the concept will be based on the evaluation of different scenarios and configurations with regard to the Germany-wide distribution of NH3 and the associated key figures determined by means of a logistics simulation. The logistics simulation can thus be used to generate essential system knowledge for the construction and coupling of energy infrastructures. The results will be used to estimate the contribution of ammonia as a transport and storage solution for green hydrogen in achieving the climate goals of the German government and the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. On this basis, recommendations for action for external stakeholders as well as safety-related prerequisites will be developed. As the overarching implementation project C "CAMPFIRE" covers the entire value chain, the overarching sub-project "Logistics and Infrastructure" serves as an essential basis for achieving the goals of the overall project.

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