Collision Avoidance Domain-Method Used by Ships and Ashore (Polish-German MarTERA joint project)

Safe passage of two ferries with manoeuvre zones limited by the situation
Source: Dr.-Ing. Michael Baldauf

Investigations to determine objective manoeuvre zones as a basis for harmonised on-board and landside collision prevention

Within the framework of the HSW sub-project, the theoretical foundations for risk identification and assessment and for the dynamisation of maritime safety criteria will be developed. In particular, ISSIMS will research methods for determining dynamic manoeuvre zones. This work will serve to use objective manoeuvre zones as a complementary safety criterion to the more subjective comfort zones for onboard and land-based collision prevention.

The expected results of the theoretical development for the definition and determination of manoeuvring and comfort zones are to be implemented in experimental investigations for practical application in land-based monitoring systems. In the process, it will be investigated whether and in what way the information on the manoeuvrability of ships can be integrated into the land-based situation analysis and used, for example, to generate improved displays and warnings. The aim of the project is also to investigate whether the manoeuvring or comfort zone should be used as a replacement or as a supplement to the traditional CPA/TCPA warning.

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