Obligation to Wear a Face Mask in On-Site Classes // Coronavirus

Aufkleber an einer Gebäudeeingangstür, der auf die Maskentragepflicht hinweist.
Aufkleber an einer Gebäudeeingangstür, der auf die Maskentragepflicht hinweist.

To be able to maintain the principle of holding all classes on-site, we strongly appeal to all university members to implement the following regulations in all consistency:

  • As of next Monday, 22.11.2021, all lectures (as well as counselling sessions and the like) will be subject to the requirement that all participants wear a medical mouth-nose covering at all times. This also applies to lecturers, unless it is ensured that they maintain a distance of at least two metres from all other attendees at all times during the course.
  • Of course, the "3G" rule for participation in courses still applies, with random checks by the lecturers.
  • In the lectures, the distances that are spatially possible are to be utilised and sitting close to each other is to be avoided.
  • The sign-in and sign-out by means of "May I come in" is to be used consistently in all teaching and meeting rooms by all participants!
  • It is also requested that the Coronavirus warning app be activated on smartphones.
  • In case of flu or cold symptoms, please stay at home and sign out.
  • Even in the case of a suspected COVID infection (positive rapid test), the notification form on the university’s Coronavirus website should be completed and a PCR test arranged via a doctor. The crisis team will then communicate the necessary steps in consultation with the faculty administration concerned.

Please also keep up to date with further developments on the university's internal web portal.

The crisis team is aware that the situation is once again very stressful for many of us. Nevertheless, please remain confident and turned towards your fellow human beings! The cohesion of all of us at our university should be stronger than the worries and problems caused by the pandemic and the related measures.

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