Graduate Lara Swiontek wins sponsorship award

Lara Swiontek "Verwandlung", on the left the thesis and on the right the version published by Avant-Verlag.

In addition to the main prize and a medal of honour, the Hans Meid Foundation 2021 awarded six promotional prizes as part of its university competition. One of them went to Lara Swiontek, a graduate of the Communication Design and Media course at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences.

With "Metamorphosis", Swiontek drew a comic adaptation of Mary Shelley's novella. The graphic novel was created as a diploma thesis. In it, Swiontek relocates the story set in the 14th century to the present day and translates the text into an opulent visual language. Swiontek's diploma was supervised by Prof. Gunda Förster and Professor Sophia Martineck.

Published by Avant-Verlag in 2022 - The revised version of the diploma thesis is available under the title "Metamorphosis. After the novella by Mary Shelley" as a 192-page hardcover version (19 x 25.5 cm, four-colour) with text and drawings by Lara Swiontek was also published by Avant-Verlag in Berlin in January 2022.

Hans Meid Foundation Award - As in previous years, professors of illustration and printmaking at German-speaking universities were invited to nominate students for the Hans Meid Foundation Award. 44 nominations were submitted, among which the jury awarded the promotional prizes of 1,500 euros each. The sponsorship award went to: Ceylan Maurer (Mainz), Lara Swiontek (Wismar), Janik Söllner (Würzburg), Simone Goder (Hamburg), Benjamin Gottwald (Hamburg) and Niklas Wesner (Hamburg).

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