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From left to right: Juliane Brack (MHL), Jana Wegner (MHL), Annalena Schulze-Harling, Prof. Dr. Kai Neumann. (Source: Wismar UAS / MW)
From left to right: Annalena Schulze-Harling (Business Administration), Tim Warning (Business Law), Silija Niemeyer (Business Informatics). (Source: Wismar UAS/ MW)

The award ceremony of Wismar Business School takes place twice a year with the support of Möhrle Happ Luther GmbH.

Jana Wegner, an alumna of our Wismar Business School, was once again present this year as a company representative. She honoured the best graduates of the 2023 summer semester together with her colleague Juliane Brack. According to Jana Wegner, the long-standing partnership between Möhrle Happ Luther GmbH and the Faculty is a way of saying thank you to her alma mater. She also wanted to give something back to the young people who are now on the doorstep of entering the world of work or continuing their higher education.

The faculty would like to thank Jana Wegner and Juliane Brack for travelling all the way from Hamburg again this year to continue this wonderful tradition.

The following works were honoured:

Business Law
"The EU Whistleblower Directive and the national draft of the Whistleblower Protection Act - impact on corporate action and recommendations for action for legally compliant and effective implementation for companies under private law"
from Tim Warning
Counsellors: Prof. Dr. jur. Hans-Joachim Schramm and Prof. Dr. iur. Andreas Bücker

Business Administration
"The tension between formal requirements and professional reality in German local public transport from the planning perspective of controlling"
from Annalena Schulze-Harling
Counsellors: Prof. Dr. Kai Neumann and A. Zech (Practice supervisor of the RSAG)

Business Informatics
"The four-day week compared to other employer branding benefits: Influence on the prioritisation of benefits by employers in the context of employer branding"
from Silija Niemeyer
Counsellors: Prof. Dr. Marianne Schmolke and Thomas Paetow (M.A.)

The faculty congratulates its graduates on their outstanding achievements and wishes them all the best for the future. May they have fond memories of their time at Wismar University of Applied Sciences and our faculty.

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