ADC Talent Award 2024: Grand Prize for Fabian Gröger

Drei Nägel – Grand Prix und gold
Grand Prix in the category term papers of the ADC Talent Awards 2024 and two golden nails for the work ‘Memories of my youth’ by Fabian Gröger, supported by Sara R. Scholl. Photo: Sara R. Scholl, 7 June 2024
Grand Prix, ADC, Talent Award 2024
Sara R. Scholl and Fabian Gröger (in the form of a paper mask) with Grand Prix for the best term paper of the ADC Talent Awards 2024 and two golden nails directly after the award ceremony on stage on 7 June 2024, photo: Jakob Fuss, 7.6.2024
Studentinnen mit Maske von Fabian Gröger
Students Sara R. Scholl (left) and Lan Linh Le with Fabian Gröger masks, currently and at a young age, in front of the award ceremony hall at the ADC Talent Award 2024. photo: Prof. Björn Kernspeckt, 7.6.2024

(Hamburg/ Wismar) - While Fabian Gröger (8th semester, Communication Design and Media) is currently travelling in Norway for a freelance photography project, his work "Memories of my youth", which he created with the support of Sara R. Scholl (8th semester), was awarded two golden nails on Friday evening, 7 June 2024. His work, which was created using artificial intelligence (AI), also received the Grand Prix in the term paper category. This is the highest honour of the ADC Talent Awards in the field of creative communication in Germany. On stage, the work was announced by Mieke Haase, Talent Chairwoman 2024, as follows: "It's not every year that half of the jury has to wipe tears from their eyes after the screening of the case film." and continued: "The following work ingeniously combines nostalgia with technology."

Two further works from the Communication Design and Media course at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, were honoured in Hamburg. The work "When is too much too much?" by Sara R. Scholl, which was also supported by Fabian Gröger, and the work "Crashed Drinks" by Lan Linh Le (8th semester) each received an award. The three student projects were supervised by Prof Björn Kernspeckt in the field of "Advertising - in particular methods and techniques of advertising".

Bronze nail for work from the compulsory internship
Student Nils Strothoff (15th semester, same degree programme) was also delighted to receive a bronze nail at the ADC Talent Award 2024 for his work "Charles III - The Burger King", which was created during his compulsory internship at the Hamburg advertising agency "Grabarz & Partner". Strothoff's supervisor for the compulsory internship was also Prof Björn Kernspeckt at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences.

Congratulations to the winners!

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