Ukrainian lawyers at Wismar UAS

In its decision of 12 July, the Volkswagen Foundation announced that the scholarship programme for the six Ukrainian academics who have been at Wismar University of Applied Sciences since the summer of last year will be extended by one year.

The programme is based on the 'Visiting Research Programme for Escaped Ukrainian Scientists', which gives the scholarship holders the opportunity to realise their research projects here in Germany.

The projects cover a wide range of topics that are linked by the goal of bringing Ukraine's post-war order closer to the law of the European Union. Particularly noteworthy are studies on the fight against corruption (Prof. Gutorova) and the reorganisation of the pharmaceutical market (Prof. Paschkov). Other topics are related to the area of local financial administration and questions of liability law.

This is not only intended to contribute to the support of Ukraine, but also to strengthen the research focus on Ukraine at the Ostinstitut.

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