Online video training with LinkedIn Learning

All university members can use LinkedIn Learning free of charge on their PC, smartphone or tablet. LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of video tutorials.
In addition to training videos for standard software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there is also a wide range of professional software - Microsoft, Linux and Open Source software, including server software. Also tutorials on soft skills (presentation techniques, self-confident appearance, negotiation etc.).

Further offers e.g.:

  • Further professional training in law, management, sales, etc.
  • Marketing
  • IT - here videos on areas such as operating systems, databases, networks, virtualization
  • Programming

Legal notice: Downloads and tutorials may not be stored permanently and may not be passed on to third parties.

Important Note

Die Video Lernplattform hat zum Ende des Jahres 2019 ihre Pforten geschlossen und ist inhaltlich vollständig in dem neuen Portal LinkedIn Learning aufgegangen.

To get access to LinkedIn Learning, please apply via email with your University email address to



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