Production studio (PELA)

Since 2012, the production studio for e-learning applications (PELA for short) has stood for excellent service in both classroom and distance learning. Anyone can produce good videos here – for example for studying and teaching, in order to make them available on learning platforms such as Stud.IP and ILIAS (independent of time and place) or to effectively stage student research projects. It goes without saying that the actors are professionally supported during the studio recordings. Therefore, no previous technical knowledge is necessary. And best of all, this service is free of charge for all members of the university – whether teachers, employees or students.

If users are in the studio for the first time, an introductory meeting is offered in order to familiarise with the premises. First and foremost with the recording room, in which the actors later stand in front of 25 square meters of green screen fabric and speak in two cameras. Thanks to the green screen process, backgrounds and objects can be added digitally to the scene. Sound, image and video files are added in the control room and editing room next door. Thanks to the spatial equipment, discussion rounds and interviews with up to three people are possible as well as individual presentations.

The studio can also be used by externals. We would be pleased to submit a non-binding offer.

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