Media production

In teaching, the creation of content often requires the most effort and time. Usually a combination of analog and digital components is the best choice. Let us advise you which methods and means suit your case the best.
For media production we grant broad know-how and extensive technology – not least our professional production studio. In addition, we also teach the basics of media production in courses and lectures.

Media products & software
  • videos (Adobe Premiere)
  • podcasts (Adobe Audition)
  • interactive instructional videos (Adobe Captivate)
  • classical tutorials (Adobe Premiere, Lifesize Video)
Technical equipment
  • various video and photo cameras
  • accessories such as lenses and tripods
  • light case and "studio out of the box" for professional small object photography

Best practice

Our "mole" podcast premiered in 2018. Every two months, it offers insights into the subject of modern teaching. The recordings take place in our in-house production studio. Professional audio technology and a exclusively composed jingle ensure an appealing listening experience.

Teaching videos
In order to make teaching content available independently from time and place, our teachers are increasingly integrating video recordings into their courses. The teaching units are recorded in the production studio and then made available on the learning platform.

Virtual tours
360° applications are used to make rooms accessible regardless of opening hours or to facilitate on-site use. State-of-the-art camera technology is used to take pictures, which are then digitally enriched with information.

Multimedia class
We support the implementation of media project ideas within the framework of courses and teaching. For example, students can learn all the important steps from first scribble to finished video at the annual multimedia class held at the E-Learning Centre.