Free materials

When creating learning and teaching materials, copyright regulations must be taken into account. Open content licenses allow the use of copyright-protected creative services more freely and under simplified conditions. Find out more about where to find such services and how they can be used.

Free photos, audios and videos

High-quality photo, audio or video files can be found on the following websites. Please take into account the copyright notices cited by the authors (e.g. naming).

Free software

Free software has become a powerful alternative to paid services, for example the following applications for media creation and processing.

Audio editor


Image editor


eBook editor

Video editing


Creating free materials

Open Educational Resources (OER) – i.e. free learning and teaching materials with an open license (such as Creative Commons or GNU General Public License) – play an important role in internet-based knowledge transfer in university education. Authors hope for a greater degree of dissemination of their content and an educational world in which every human being worldwide has access to a globally aggregated knowledge base.

If you also want to create open educational resources, you are welcome to make use of the advisory services offered by the E-Learning Centre. In addition to impulses for media didactics, we are also happy to support you in the technical implementation of your project.