Media law in teaching

In the digital age, it is important to use copyrighted materials correctly. Therefore, please inform yourself on these pages which legal framework has to be considered. You can also benefit from our extensive tips on handling free materials.

Explanations to § 60a UrhG

  • § 60a UrhG permits the use of up to 15 percent of a work for teaching and learning at educational institutions (e.g. schools and universities).
  • § 60b UrhG facilitates the production of teaching and teaching media.
  • § 60c UrhG permits the use of up to 15 percent of a work for non-commercial scientific research; the reproduction of 75% of a work is permitted for one's own scientific research.
  • § 60d UrhG regulates text and data mining for the first time. This is a research method in which large quantities of copyrighted content (e.g. texts, images, sound recordings) are automatically evaluated.
  • § 60e UrhG contains various permissions for libraries. For example, they may digitise works from their holdings for the purpose of preservation. The so-called terminal use and dispatch of copies by libraries are also regulated.
  • § 60f UrhG contains similar permissions for archives, museums and educational institutions as for libraries.

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