Develop teaching

Proper teaching is a top priority at the Wismar University. However, this is not a matter of course. It is not for nothing that didactics are referred to as the "art of teaching". Thanks to digital media, teachers today have significantly more opportunities, but are also faced with new challenges. Which medium is actually suitable for my project? And how can digital tools complement my teaching in a meaningful way?

Goals, methods, implementation possibilities – the spectrum is broad. Together with you, we develop the appropriate concept in individual consultations.

Best practice

360° laboratories
If a course includes working in special laboratories and therefore requires time-consuming introductory events, teachers can make the rooms virtually "walkable" for their students via 360° tours. Students can familiarize themselves with the room and its equipment in advance. 

Flipped Classroom
Lecture content can be recorded as videos and made available to students on Stud.IP or ILIAS. This means that content can be internalised at an individual learning pace, independent of time and place. The free attendance time can be used to deepen or apply the knowledge gained and to clarify questions. In this way, teachers also have more control over whether the contents conveyed have actually been understood.

Auditorium interaction
Mobile phones do not necessarily have to be annoying in the lecture hall, but can be used profitably for interactions. Teachers can use Clicker (Stud.IP) during their lecture to easily obtain feedback from their students or have them vote on a question. A good way to generate attention and activate the audience.

Tutor videos for teaching
Some of our student tutors produce video tutorials in order to teach their fellow students important specialist knowledge efficiently and as quickly as possible. For example, to explain how the operation of a special calculator or differential calculus works. Video productions are also becoming increasingly popular as an alternative examination service or for the purpose of project documentation. The E-Learning Centre offers an introduction to editing, sound, camera settings and digital trick techniques.

Please also consider our workshop offers (in German):

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