Advanced training

Workshops on demand

Are you interested in a media didactic topic and at least four other colleagues, too? Then you can book a workshop on demand.

Please note that all workshops are held in German.

Your advantages:

  • You determine the date.
  • Workshops last a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • There will be individual consultations and assistance on the topic within the framework of the workshop.

Workshop: Shape teaching with Stud.IP
Lehre mit Stud.IP gestalten

Stud.IP has many ways to enrich your teaching and make it more interactive. In this interactive workshop you will learn all about the use of didactic settings and the latest tools and methods that Stud.IP can provide.

Workshop: Shape teaching with ILIAS
Lehre mit ILIAS gestalten
With ILIAS you can implement complex learning settings and digital exercise and examination formats. This workshop offers you an easy introduction to the possibilities of ILIAS. You will plan and create your first course and a first self-test.

Workshop: Fast didactic recipes
Schnelle didaktische Rezepte
You want inspiration and small media didactic methods for your teaching without changing the whole teaching concept? Experience and experience in this workshop fast media didactic possibilities, which make your teaching more interactive.

Workshop: Activating learners in a virtual classroom
Lernende aktivieren im virtuellen Klassenzimmer

How do I activate participants in an Adobe Connect session? In this workshop, simple methods will be demonstrated and tested. This workshop can be offered in a real or virtual classroom.

Workshop: Introduction to media didactics
Einführung in die Mediendidaktik

Learn more about the basics of media didactics and how you can make your course more interactive and learner-oriented by means of media didactic concepts.

Workshop: Using free materials in teaching
Freie Materialen in der Lehre einsetzen

Using free materials from the net in teaching? In this workshop you will learn how to find these materials and integrate them safely into your teaching materials.

Workshop: Creating videos for teaching
Videos für die Lehre erstellen

Have you always wanted to produce a video for teaching? In this workshop we will show you what forms of learning videos there are, how you can easily produce videos yourself and integrate them into your teaching.

Booking request "Workshops on demand"
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