Language Centre

The Language Centre is a centre of competence not only for teaching languages but also for contemporary teaching, intercultural competence and related consulting services. It plays a vital role in the university’s internationalisation process. In addition, it allows students to complement their studies by learning a foreign language - a key skill in today’s professional world.   

We offer courses in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Dutch. They are a mixture of ESP courses (English for Specific Purposes) and general language courses - for beginners, advanced or intensive speakers. Alongside the obligatory ESP courses, students can attend non-obligatory and extra-curricular courses. These are especially useful for those students who are planning a semester abroad, looking to take on an international work assignment or for those who are simply interested in learning a foreign language for private purposes. 

You will find information about all of the courses by logging onto the platform STUD.IP, which is also where you can register for the individual courses.

Courses in the Summer Semester 2018

Non-obligatory courses
In addition to the many obligatory ESP courses, the language centre offers non-obligatory courses in various languages:

  • English, Spanish and French with a business focus (language in the workplace); and
  • Technical English for Architects

Extra-curricular courses
Beyond the courses mentioned above, students can choose from a set of extra-curricular courses (no credit points, “just for fun”):

  • a pre-intermediate, preparatory English course
  • beginners’ courses in French, Russian, Spanish; and
  • Swedish for “beginners plus” (beginners with basic knowledge of the language)

All courses are open for registration on STUD.IP.

Complete Programme Summer Semester 2018

An overview of all obligatory, non-obligatory and extra-curricular language courses in the summer semester:

courses in the summer semester 2018 (PDF)