VPN Access

Only for members of the Faculty of Engineering

What can I use VPN access for?

You can use the VPN access of the Faculty of Engineering to access the following services from outside the university network. For example, from home, on the road or from the WLAN of the university, as the WLAN is also considered an external network.

What do you not need the VPN for?

  • for access to FIW virtual computers
    This access is automatically encrypted and requires no active VPN tunnel

VPN-Gateway FIW

to the VPN-Gateway FIW


Installation for Windows or Mac OS X

You can use VPN access in two different ways:

  • directly from the web browser (tested with InternetExplorer 11)
  • via an independent VPN software, the Forticlient (we recommend this variant)

Installation Forticlient

  • Select "VPN Only
  • After successful installation you will find the icon of the software in the Windows task bar (green sign with check mark)
  • Open the "FortiClient Console"
  • Click on "Configure VPN"
  • Enter the VPN connection data
  • Connection name: freely selectable
  • Remote Gateway: web-vpn.et.hs-wismar.de
  • Enter your login
  • User name of the ITSMZ (e.g. et.....)
  • Password of the ITSMZ (same password as for your mail account)
  • Click on "Connect"
Installation for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad)

For the operating systems Android and iOS the Forticlient is available in the respective Appstore and can be installed and updated comfortably.


Forticlient in Google Play Store:


Forticlient in the Appstore iTunes:

For Windows, Mac OSX


For Android

Google Play Store

For iOS

iTunes Store

For Linux


Problems, Troubleshooting

  • The connection is not established, the percentage remains at 98% or similar.
  • A running VPN connection is interrupted without the computer being in standby or idle mode

The cause for these errors is usually an outdated version of your VPN client. Since the firmware of the firewall (its VPN dial-in point at the university) is updated at regular intervals (firmware upgrade) to improve functionality or close security gaps, it can happen that the version of your installed client no longer works properly with the firewall.


  • Uninstall the VPN client on your computer and install the latest client
  • You can download the latest client at forticlient.com

Residential homes

If you are experiencing VPN connection problems from the residential homes (Bürgermeister-Hauptstr. and Friedrich-Wolf-Str) please read this information.

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