IT Service and Media Centre (ITSMC)

Contact to ITSMC during the corona crisis

Due to the corona crisis, the ITSMZ is currently only accessible by telephone to a very limited extent.
Please contact us by e-mail if possible:

The IT Service and Media Centre provides a wide range of IT services to all university members. These include WLAN, e-mail accounts and groupware, hosting and support for the learning platforms Stud.IP and ILIAS as well as the server for forms and the campus management system. 

In addition, the ITSMC is responsible for campus-wide telephony, video conferences, the granting of software licenses and the use of central copiers and printers.

The in-house E-Learning Centre also offers support in the didactic planning and technical implementation of multimedia applications. The special equipment includes the Production Studio for E-Learning Applications (PELA), in which video modules for classroom and distance learning are created.


ITSMC (Building 26)
Bürgermeister-Haupt-Straße 34
Phone: +49 3841 753-75 66

Top topics

Login data

At the beginning of your studies or employment, you need to request your universal login data. This data grants access to our basic IT-Services – such as Wi-Fi, e-mail or Stud.IP. As a new student, you will receive your login data at the introductory event of your chosen course. For this, you will need to bring a valid ID-card. Afterwards, you will receive a card with your personal login data.

Further information (in German)

Please note: Once you watch the video, data will be transmitted to Youtube/Google. For more information, see Google Privacy.


The login data grants access to the campus wide eduroam Wi-Fi network. Eduroam provides a secure and fast internet connection via a worldwide union of education and research institutions. Once installed you are prepared to connect to Wi-Fi networks at many other universities too – even internationally. 

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Please note: Once you watch the video, data will be transmitted to Youtube/Google. For more information, see Google Privacy.


The CampusCloud offers free online data storage to all members of Wismar University. Students can use up to 5 GB, employees up to 10 GB. Here, you can store your data as well as share them with others. The data are stored securely and protected on the servers of the ITSMC.

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Digital collaboration

Modern learning and working is decisively organized by collaboration. Together, students and teachers can use a broad variety of tools to draft, discuss or finish projects across time and space barriers.

Fast text editing with Etherpad
The Etherpad is useful for brainstorming and quick test drafts in single or multi user mode. Within Stud.IP you can find it among the course tools as “StudIPad”. The simple text editor tracks all changes, can undo them and lists them transparently to all participants. Thanks to simple formatting the texts can easily be imported into word or other text editors. If you use StudIPad you can protect confidential content by password. 

Scientific publications with CoWriter
Writing processes are usually followed by laborious formatting that needs a lot of time. Thanks to the Stud.IP course tool CoWriter formatting and collaborating are not difficult anymore. Within courses or study groups standard and coherent text formatting can be done by all course members with the help of LaTeX. Therefore, no complicated installation is required. Login to Stud.IP and go for it!

Easy file sharing and editing via CampusCloud
For easy exchange and secure storage Wismar University offers a cloud software called CampusCloud. In this cloud students can safe 5 GB and employees 10 GB of data and share it with classmates or colleagues. Web, desktop or app clients grant access to one's data at any place and time. Additionally, files can be created and edited online through the integrated OnlyOffice software. (Comparable to GoogleDocs.)

Video chats with Lifesize video
If it is not possible to meet each other at one place, you can use Lifesize video. Video chats can be done quickly and your project partners or guests can participate from all over the world. Webcam video can be transmitted as well as the content of your desktop screen. Keep in touch and up to date. (The client application automatically installs in your computer's system language.)

Stud.IP & Co.

Course administration in Stud.IP
Stud.IP is the central administration platform for courses. Here students have to sign up for seminars or get an overview of schedules and tasks. Other services of Stud.IP are the blackboard or the so called "Mitfahrzentrale", where members place adverts for lifts, books or jobs.  

E-learning with ILIAS
ILIAS is the central e-learning platform of Wismar University. On this platform teachers offer learning modules, self-assessments, Wikis or videos.

Administration of study data with LSF
Within the online portal LSF students have to register for exams and are able to download study certificates or the evidence of academic achievements. (For further information you can as well contact the Servicepoint.)

Further information on these platforms (in German)


Microsoft campus license
Wismar University has signed a contract with Microsoft that allows all University members to download various software such as Windows10 or Office365.

Sophos anti-virus program
In order to protect the data network of Wismar University from software viruses all members are requested to use the software Sophos on their private and office PCs for free.

Video tutorials by Lynda
Lynda is an international platform for video tutorials with a broad spectrum of subjects. All members of Wismar University can watch them for free. The subjects reach from standard software such as Microsoft Office, over specialized software such as the Adobe Suites, AutoCAD or Mathematica, to soft skills such as presentation training, self-confidential acting or conducting negotiations.

Further information on software and licences (in German)