Loan of material

Teachers and students who wish to independently create high-quality media products as part of university projects can borrow special literature and technical equipment from the E-Learning Centre. In addition to photo and video technology, we also hold special equipment, including high-quality audio and a mini studio to picture small objects. In order to ensure that the equipment is not needed at the same time for our own work, we kindly ask you to make an appointment in advance.

Note: Students can only borrow technology on behalf of the supervising professor. For this they need a completely filled out loan form with the signature of the professor.

Professional technology

  • various video and photo cameras
  • accessories such as lenses and tripods
  • light case and "Studio out of the box" for professional small object photography

Literature on the following topics

  • e-learning
  • media didactics
  • media design
  • graphics programs


Loan form

To borrow equipment, please fill in the form and bring it with you.