Multimedia class

Thanks to television, the Internet and social media, videos are now ubiquitous. Anyone can consume them – but produce them? In the annual multimedia class of the E-Learning Centre, international students learn all the necessary steps – from first idea to final film.

Necessary filmic basic knowledge as well as knowledge of media technology are taught to students in introductory workshops. Later, they independently develop a story from their everyday world, which is shot in team and then edited. In 2019, for example, an information video will be produced for the Rostock-Wismar Student Union.

But even without prior further training, student film ideas are regularly implemented in the E-Learning Centre. For example, the Language Centre uses videos as a playful examination tool by letting students prove their language skills with a short film. Thanks to the green-screen technology in the production studio, there is plenty of scope for creativity.

Video production winter term 2019/20

Video production winter term 2018/19