360° applications

Virtual tours facilitate orientation and provide access to distant places – as known from Google Street View. The audiovisual possibilities of virtual depicting or complementing reality have been developing rapidly for a number of years. Virtuality is also becoming of greater interest as a learning space for university teaching.

A practical example at Wismar University is the virtual 360° tour of the show garden on the island of Poel. The 650 m² area serves students of the "Mechanical Engineering/Process and Environmental Technology" department for practical work. The tour provides users with interesting additional information about the location and selected plants. An annual update is planned, the contents will be developed by students of the department. The E-Learning Centre of Wismar University provides the 360° photography, sets up the tour and enriches it with content.

Furthermore, virtual tours of the simulators and special laboratories at the Rostock-Warnemünde site are planned. Thus, rooms with restricted accessibility will be approachable at any time, for example to prepare for laboratory internships and certificates.

Additional application examples

360° campus tour

Explore our Wismar campus online – thanks to the 360° tour this is possible at any time. The campus map and all important contact points for students and guests can be accessed via control system.


360° tour DIA'13

On the occasion of the annual exhibition "DIA" of the Faculty of Design, a virtual tour through all rooms of the Faculty of Design was created in 2013. Almost all exhibits were captured in 360° panoramic images and partly supplemented with additional information.