Exam registration

The exam registration period for the summer semester 2021: 26.04. to 20.05.2021

Examination registrations are primarily carried out online. Only in justified cases it is possible to register on paper. You will find information about this under "Forms for registering for an examination" below. You can register for your examinations via the HISinOne study portal (http://hio.hs-wismar.de) of Wismar University. You can also find out about your registered exams in this portal. This makes it possible to check your registration process immediately. You can find more information at hio.hs-wismar.de.

A few degree programmes are still processed via the previously known LSF portal (lsf.hs-wismar.de) and you must then also register for the exams here. Please see below which ones this concerns.

Please note: Important information if you miss an examination due to illness

A certificate issued by a medical health officer (Amtsarzt) is to be submitted if you are absent from an examination due to illness. Otherwise, the module examination will be regarded as having been sat and failed. A description of the impairment to health (e.g. reference to specific pain) must be indicated in the certificate issued by the medical health officer, and, moreover, the document must show the impairment in the examination arising as a result therof (e.g. ability to concentrate is disturbed). Certificates issued by a medical health officer, which only indicate the student’s inability to sit the examination, cannot be accepted. The reason for absence is to be reported without delay.

You can use this form for proof.

The hours of consultation of the medical health officer at Wismar Public Health Department (Gesundheitsamt):read more

Overview of marks on the Internet

It is possible to print out your overview of marks (performance record) yourself on the Internet via the portal HIS LSF. This is in addition to the Service Point. To register, please go to http://lsf.hs-wismar.de.

Please use your account issued by the IT Centre as your user name and password, which you also use to check your emails, for example. Should you have any questions or difficulties, please write to lsf-support[at]hs-wismar.de.

Service point

Opening hours

Monday and Thursday
10:00 to 15:00

Tuesday and Wednesday
10:30 to 13:00

Friday: closed

House 1 / Room 150
Tel.: +49 (0)3841/ 753-7503

E-Mail: servicepoint@hs-wismar.de

FAQs - in study

FAQs - in study

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