Buddy tandem programme

The Language Centre and the Robert-Schmidt-Institut are cooperating to bring German and international students together. There are two purposes: Firstly, language learning through working together in different mother tongues, and/or secondly, German students helping international students to find their way around Wismar and German university life.

In language learning in tandem, two students work together in different mother tongues - for example, to improve their Spanish and German language skills. Here, the learners themselves determine the learning content, the place of learning and the speed. That's why this way of learning is also called "self-directed learning". The tandem partners meet to work together for, say, two hours a week – one hour each in each language.

However, with a tandem partner you don't only work on language skills but also automatically exchange information about your respective cultures, so intercultural exchange is another aspect of the programme. For foreign students, this is an opportunity - if desired - to receive help from a German buddy with settling in and orientation in and around Wismar. German students in turn can get some impressions of different cultures of the world.